Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions

Southern Oregon Aussie Doodle Hypoallergenic Puppies - Australian Shepherd Poodle Puppies

Choosing your Puppy

You may place a deposit towards a puppy at any time with a completed application. We will keep a list in the order received. When puppies are available you will be notified and can view and choose your puppy. Be sure and specify gender and color on application requests, we have a separate list for Merles to all other colors. Merles go extremely fast so if that is your desire do not hesitate to place a deposit and get on the list.

Best age to meet and choose your puppy in person is 6-8 weeks. They are playing and showing their personality! You have a far better chance of making a connection with a puppy. If you are intending to use your puppy for a service dog, making a connection is super important! Puppy must show interest in you! They are definitely part of the process.


Our Females are both on the smaller size. Our red merle is about 40lbs and our blue merle is a little bigger at 45lbs. My current male is a standard size weighing in at around 60-65lbs. Our puppies average between 30-50lbs. We have had one under 30lbs and had a couple over 60lbs. Predominately they are a perfect medium size dog.


Our dogs are NOT high energy dogs. We have carefully chosen and raised calm well settled dogs. Our dogs are very intelligent, easy to train, and eager to please. They love to go for walks, play ball, go for a swim, work the ranch, or dominate the agility course. They literally can be trained to serve or work in many different ways. They love to work and have a purpose. Dogs as intelligent as these can become bored if not given proper attention and training. We highly recommend professional training for your puppy. A well trained animal is a joy for life!


Solid or Abstract Colors


Parti or Tuxedo




A deposit of $300 will reserve your puppy and go toward your final purchase price. Deposit is non- refundable but can be used towards future litters.We do not accept checks of any form.We do accept PayPal, visa, mc, discover, American express and cash. There is an additional 3.5% charge to use card.Balance must be paid in full prior to pick up or shipping of the puppy.No courier pick up by third party.


We prefer local pick up and want to meet you in person if at all possible. We will arrange pickup and delivery dates often driving to Eugene or Portland to meet with new puppy parents as long as I can do multiple pups in one trip. We are open to helping with the driving to different destinations as long as you cover the fuel cost. If none of these options work and you puppy must be shipped out of state to their new home they will be shipped out of Medford Oregon airport. All puppies being shipped will have documentation and health certificate from veterinarian as required to fly. Shipping your puppy will cost approximately $400-$450 for the flight. I will have to get a firm price for client after destination have been given and confirmed. Puppy will be shipped in a crate with a blanket, toy, water, and food. Please indicate on your application if you will require shipping and destination of nearest airport so I can get a firm shipping price. We will not ship a puppy in the winter if it is too dangerous for the puppy’s health. Their health and safety is our first priority.


All our puppies come with a 1 year health guarantee! We promise your puppy will be free of any genetic defects or disorders. Full warranty is clearly outlined in puppy contract. You will be required to set up a vet appointment for your new puppy at your local vet within the first 2 weeks of ownership.All puppies will have spay or neuter contract unless you have paid for breeding rights and is specified in contract.

Puppy Welcome Package

Our puppies will come with a blanket, toy, shot record, worm record, and current shots. We are happy to put together a puppy welcome package for you with all their basic starting needs.

The cost will be $200.00 and will include:

Blanket, shot record, leash , collar, small bag of food, training collar, treats, medium size crate, bowl, bandana, toy, puppy training pads, and bone.

Let us know color of your choice for collars, leash and blanket. We will have everything ready for you at pick up.