Our Story

Our story

Southern Oregon Aussie Doodle Hypoallergenic Puppies - Australian Shepherd Poodle Puppies

We are a professional, reputable family based aussidoodle breeder. We are located in Grants Pass, which is in Beautiful Southern Oregon.

Our puppies are from healthy, happy, health tested parents. Temperament is our main objective and ease of training. Our puppies are hand raised with lots of love, play and attention. We handle and interact with our puppies many times a day to create a happy well settled puppy ready for your home.

We start the Training process when the pups are very young starting them on paper training as soon as they can walk. Eventually the paper is moved outside with the adult dogs and puppies learn a lot from socializing with the adult dogs. We crate train them for night control starting at 6 weeks. This makes the house training process so much easier for the new owners.

Each puppy is vet checked, regularly wormed, and given their first shots prior to going home with their new owners at 8 weeks. All pups will have tails docked and dew claws removed unless new owner chooses and requests tail be left attached. Tails must be removed with-in 3 days of birth so this decision must be made prior to birth of puppy by potential owner. Our puppies are fed a vitamin supplemented diet of Limited ingredient puppy food. We want to make sure they get all the required nutrients they need for their brains, bodies and coats to develop correctly.

Our dogs are NOT kept in a kennel! Our dogs and puppies are part of our family and we love them dearly! They sleep in the house with us and have a large play yard outside during the day when we are away at work. Puppies have a safe fenced area to play in yard while they are young and still able to interact with adult dogs. They begin their life inside where we can keep a close eye on their feeding schedule and weight gain. When they get bigger and are more adventurous and mobile they are moved to an area in the garage with external play pen. By this age they are being weaned by mom and have started supplemental feeding for growth and development. Pups are still brought into the house and play with us and other dogs every night or day if we are home. It is important to establish comfort for them both inside and outside as their new home could be either or both.

We believe in responsible breeding! Our females only produce one litter per year allowing their bodies to fully recover from the strains of pregnancy and nursing. During and after pregnancy our females receive supplements to keep them at optimal health. Pending vet approval and health they each will produce 5-7 litters to the age of 8yrs. Our females are fixed and retired to enjoy the rest of their lives with us as a family pet. They spend their entire lives with us beginning to end as a valued family member.

Our goals is to produce High quality well-adjusted puppies that can become service dogs or excellent family pets. We dedicate alot of time, money and effort each day to give you the best possible aussidoodle available. We love what we do and get painfully attached to each and every puppy. We truly love keeping in touch and getting pictures of our babies as they grow and develop. Our hard work is rewarded when we find the perfect family for each of our beautiful babies. Our doodle parents Love their Doodles!

We welcome visitors to come and visit our dogs and puppies. We highly recommend making your final choice of puppy in person. Sometimes you may like a certain color or puppy but when you meet them a totally different puppy connects with you. Puppies sometimes choose you and these are definitely the best matches! Place a deposit on the puppy of your choice but keep your mind open to the possibility that an alternate puppy may choose you. Once deposit has been paid you are welcome to schedule visitation with your puppy as it develops.

We typically get 3-4 Merles per litter so if you are wanting a merle I highly suggest you complete an application and pay deposit and get on our list. You will get first chance at choosing the puppy you want.

Our puppy’s coats are soft and wavy to curly with little to no shedding. This breed does require maintenance. Ears need to be kept clean and coat needs to be groomed. We recommend finding a good groomer in your area that your new puppy can get familiar with and be a regular client. You can groom them yourself with the right equipment, daily brushing and a little patience.

Please visit our facebook page for updates on all our doodles and their families. We will also post hints and tips to care and training. Feel free to post any questions also as we are happy to help!

I have been active in the Doodle community for many years to not only learn about them but also become a mentor to doodle owners about care, training and maintenance.